Johnson furnished rental management

Johnson furnished rental management

You own a furnished or unfurnished property!   Simplify your life with our rental management service!

Opt for one of our rental management services.

Entrust the rental management of your apartment to JGLM (Johnson furnished rental management), a human-sized structure and unique partner of Cattalan Johnson Real Estate, specialist for more than 30 years in the international mobility market.

JGLM offers a personalized rental management service, responsive and watchful over your property.
To free yourself from all constraints, simplify life, without bad surprises and in complete transparency.
The JGLM agency can take charge of the management under different types of mandate, ranging from the technical mandate to the simple accounting mandate, or the totality of the rental management.
We have the same goal: to maximize your annual income and ensure a high occupancy rate. Our real estate rental management agency takes care of the whole process.

Rental management for the owners’ tranquility and saving time

The tenants are foreign personnel coming to work in Paris or Ile de France; the owners too, by the same token, are stationed in Singapore, Quebec, Cairo.  Our owners are seduced by the fact that we are fully occupied with their furnished or unfurnished real estate.

Our provincial or expatriate owners have trusted us to take full care of their property, as they expect:
- surveillance and care of their property (good condition etc.)
- to meet the expectations of their tenant

Furnished renting demands reactivity in all aspects of a rental : requests from the tenant, technical interventions, assistance to the tenant for his installation; to heavier and more specific demands, like the management of water damage or disasters, natural or man-made.
Foreign customers may need help and explanations at the beginning of the rental: a reminder of the operation of household appliances, for example, or help solve Internet malfunctions.
The management of a property and, by extension, a furnished property can be time-consuming.  Rental management is aimed at those who do not want to or can not afford to lose more time, either in the constraints of the rental (requests of the tenant) or in the accounting aspects (issue of rent notices, control and payment of condominium expenses, restitution guarantee deposits).
JOHNSON rental management, specialist in short and medium term rentals, will not handle all the specific aspects of this type of rental, such as the management of linen and cleaning between 2 rentals.
We become the interlocutor of the tenant and of course of the owner, to take care, above all, of your property.

Breakdown, water damage, incident

During the rental, incidents like water damage are numerous, even if they seem harmless, they are sources of many urgent and competent interventions. The tenant systematically contacts our real estate agency;  we determine the tenant / owner responsibilities according to the legal criteria. We inspect to see the extent of the damage, look for responsibilities, declare to the insurance companies, select craftsmen for the works and recover the insurance damage payments ... ..

For your serenity, Johnson furnished rental management finally takes care of the time-consuming constraints of renting, whether they are technical, accounting, legal or taxes,  according to the terms of the mandate.

For foreign customers who have difficulties in reading or writing French, we assist in helping to understand and in the drafting of the various administrative documents (for example, declaration of the statement of assurance).

No expenses will be engaged without your agreement.

Our rental management services

We propose several mandates of rental management of a single apartment to real estate parks.
Technical rental management mandate: request for competitive quotes for works, management of maintenance and works at the expense of the owner, water damage, maintenance contract ...
The accounting rental management mandate: collection and management of rents, exchange notices and receipts, payment of the expenses of the condominium and property taxes, regularization of the rental share of the condominium expenses, revision of rent and management report ...
The comprehensive mandate combines the accounting and technical mandate features.

Selection of tenants

Our rigorous and ethical selection of the tenant candidates ensures the regular payment of your rent.
To guarantee possible non-payments, we make available several guarantee methods.
Our rigorous and serious methods of checking tenant solvency has built our reputation on the Paris market for 30 years.
Our rental management agency, accustomed to rent to French and international customers, employs several solutions to secure your rental income and maintain your apartment in good condition.

Home staging

Anxious to ensure an optimal occupancy rate of your apartment to rent it as soon as it is on the market, we have the experience to give you advice on facilities, equipment and decoration expected by the clientele, and in partnership with selected artisans