Real Estate Owner

Real Estate Owner

Real estate owner, our real estate rental agency rapidly searches for the tenant, manages the visits, the candidate’s file, the lease contract and the formal inspections and inventories

Real estate owner, the concept of our real estate agency  has been for more than 30 years the advice, support and rental of your real estate for housing of expatriate employees of multinational companies, professionals changing locations, among others.

Specialists in the rental market, we offer a free study of the most appropriate price after a visit to your real estate and a photo report that will serve in dissemination of the listing of your real estate.

We can advise you on the specificities of the Parisian market and answer your questions.

Our real estate rental services for real estate owners
The mandate to search for tenants, free of charge and without exclusivity.
Visit your real estate, apartment, house.
Estimate the rental price.
Advice on development  and on Home Staging.
Photo documentary.
Multi diffusion of your property for rent on our website and on the most visited portals.
Proposal of your real estate to our international networks of companies.
Visit of the real estate by the tenant candidates.
Selective study of tenant files.
Drafting of the legally relevant and personalized lease.
Formal inspections and inventories of entry and exit.

Laws and rules for furnished and unfurnished rentals

Lease law of July 1989, ALUR or excluded from the field of application of the 1989 law governed by the CIVIL CODE
Recoverable condominium fees
Multi-risk home and non-occupant homeowners insurance
All taxes / housing, property, garbage collection...
Mandatory diagnostics
Subscription to and consumption of gas and electricity
Internet and telephone subscriptions